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history statistics for "Girl Scout cookie" (history)

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Overall statistics

number of edits1
number of minor edits0 (0.0%)
first edit2013-03-11 16:01 (Mike Cline)
most recent edit2013-03-11 16:01 (Mike Cline)
mean time between edits0 s
unique editors1 (0 IP addresses)
average number of edits per user1.0
number of edits within previous day0
number of edits within previous week0
number of edits within previous month0
number of edits within previous year0

Edits per year

YeareditsMinor edits(%) 

Edits per month

MontheditsMinor edits(%) 

User statistics

User# edits# Minor edits (%)First editLast editATBE*
Mike Cline100.0%2013-03-11 16:012013-03-11 16:01 

* Average Time Between Edits

0.001 / 0.238 / 0

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